1.      Children with dyslexia reverse their letters
False: All children reverse letters when they are young. It is not a predictor of dyslexia.
2.      Dyslexia is linked with IQ and intellectual disabilities
False. Children with dyslexia are more likely to have an average to above average IQ.
3.      Dyslexia is neurobiological in origin
True. Dyslexia is neurobiological and tends to run in families.
4.      Children with dyslexia do not learn to read because they are lazy
False. Children with dyslexia work just as hard, if not harder, than their non-dyslexic peers.
5.      Children with dyslexia always struggle in school
False. The can excel in school, especially when taught strategies and self-advocacy.
6.      The best time to diagnose children with dyslexia is in third grade after they should have learned to read
False. The earlier the better! New Washington State legislation is allowing for early identification of struggling learners to math what we know…early intervention is best!
7.      Children with dyslexia can excel in the arts and other areas including academics
True. Many people with dyslexia are highly successful in other areas, especially the arts.
8.      There is nothing that can be done to cure dyslexia
True. While there is no cure, there are researched based interventions, strategies and assistive technology used to assist the dyslexic reader.