As an organization, ARK Institute of Learning has undergone considerable growth and change over the decades, starting as the vision of one woman, Carol Stockdale, who was a pioneer in an emerging field that is now rich with research, insights, and experts globally.
   In its original form, ARK was a collection of individually operating private practices, and later evolved into a team of clinicians employed by the agency. In an effort to embrace and respond to the growth and change inside and outside of our organization, ARK recently launched an endeavor to evaluate and demonstrate its effectiveness and implement systems for examining ARK’s instructional effectiveness on a more data-driven and research-based basis.
   This project addresses the heart of ARK’s instructional work and challenges the ARK team to question the best ways to monitor client progress and deliver high-quality, consistent instruction across the organization while also maintaining individuality with client practices. ARK aims to standardize how we collect data about where client’s skills were before ARK, and how they progressed in their skills through ARK intervention.
  Through the newly-launched Progress Monitoring and Intervention Research project, ARK’s team has begun reviewing best practices from the wide field of educational intervention and developing tools for applying what is discovered in a way that fits with ARK’s diverse client base and personalized model. These tools can be used by ARK staff in the years and decades to come.
   ARK is fortunate to have staff members who can provide insight from the fields of school psychology and speech-language clinical work, and to have a team of capable, experienced colleagues who share the best of themselves in service of our organization’s mission as ARK continues to evolve into the future.