Our Approach

What makes us different

Individuals with learning difficulties can learn, they just learn differently. Using strategic learning methods, ARK unlocks each individual’s learning difficulty with solutions that fit their personal needs.

ARK Evaluation

ARK provides individualized evaluation to all students who have not received a recent educational evaluation. In some cases, ARK supplements existing assessment data to complete the learning profile. Evaluations guide our instruction by providing the basis for a thorough and individualized strategic plan for achieving future learning and academic success.

Based on each student’s individual needs, evaluations include some or all of the following:

  • Collect relevant information from the client’s history

  • Identify the client’s academic strengths and weaknesses based on testing data

  • Diagnose a learning disorder (if present)

  • Describe how learning strengths and weaknesses impact academic progress

  • Provide specific recommendations for appropriate classroom and testing accommodations when appropriate

  • Present recommendations for instruction using skills and strategies that will help the client achieve learning goals.

ARK Dyslexia Screenings

Ages 5-9

1.5 -2 hours of testing

The purpose of the screening is to provide information for intervention and instruction. The screening will identify characteristics of dyslexia, not provide a formal diagnosis. The screening includes background, test results, and recommendations for instruction and possible classroom accommodations.

Instruction and Support

Individualized instruction is designed to build and apply the skills and strategies to unlock learning. Goals are based on the results of the evaluation and the academic expectations presented to the student. Instruction is scheduled in sets of 12, one-hour sessions. Upon completion of each set a Progress Report is presented. Recommendations are made to determine next steps.

To help support a student’s success throughout the process ARK instructors can schedule conferences with teachers. This type of collaboration supports the student as they move through their individual instruction plan. It ensures that ARK instructors, teachers, and parents are all working in unison to support learning success.

“The most rewarding thing about working with clients is helping them to understand concepts that weren’t very clear before; the moment they start catching on is really neat to experience. The most unexpected thing is getting to see firsthand how different everyone’s learning profile is. The phrase “no two people think alike” is truer than I ever knew!”

Laura Langer, ARK Educational Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Each evaluation varies, but most include all or some of the following:

  • Collect relevant information about the student’s history
  • Identify academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Diagnose
  • Describe how strengths and weaknesses impact academic progress
  • Provide specific recommendations for appropriate classroom testing and accommodations
  • Present recommendations for instruction using skills and strategies that will unlock learning and help students achieve their goals

Every ARK Educational Therapist and Instructional Specialist has a college degree and has completed an intensive in-house training program that includes research-based learning theories and their applications.

An ARK evaluation includes both cognitive and academic testing, which will determine if a client has a learning challenge or learning disorder. According to Washington State code, with the guidance of a licensed clinical psychologist, we consider the discrepancy between a client’s cognitive and academic skills. If there is a severe discrepancy, the client may qualify as having a Specific Learning Disorder. Even if the state-prescribed discrepancy is not met, the report will provide valuable feedback regarding learning strengths and challenges. The cost for an ARK evaluation is $1,950, which includes two team meetings, about six hours of testing, and a written report that includes a summary and instructional recommendations.

ARK teaches clients with research-based strategies that provide an educational toolkit for learning. For over 20 years, ARK has worked from the perspective that most educational settings are language-rich, which, for a variety of reasons, may be problematic for many learners. Because we work with students individually, we are able to determine the appropriate strategies and empower students by helping them better understand their academic strengths and challenges. Both instruction and team meetings are a rate of $90 per hour-long session. When establishing a new learning relationship, we ask for an initial commitment of a block of 12 sessions so that we may complete enough work to evaluate progress. The best practice for academic interventions is six weeks. It is not necessary to commit to ARK instruction in order to receive an evaluation.

ARK provides need-based financial aid in the form of scholarships made available by generous donors. These scholarships make evaluation and instruction possible for those who could not otherwise afford the cost of ARK services. To request a scholarship application, call 253.573.0311 or email admin@arkinst.org.

ARK works with a wide variety of students with both diagnosable learning disorders or with undiagnosed difficulties. Examples include but are not limited to: Dyslexia, Language Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, Visual-Spatial Processing Disorder, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Specific Learning Disorder or Disability. While ARK instructors do not specialize in the behavioral treatment of attention issues, we recognize that many students with learning disorders or difficulties also experience problems with attention. As such, ARK instructors informally address attention challenges that are secondary to learning problems. We also assist students who have no formal diagnosis but who would benefit from interventions in reading, written communication, math, oral and reading comprehension, and/or handwriting.

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